Some Great Review From Our Past Attendees

Some Great Review From Our Past Attendees

"Palmex Thailand and the APOC conference was well organized with speakers and delegates from around the world... We, in the Thai Oil Palm associations, are very proud to co-host this grand event which successfully brings all the industry and farmers representatives from all over Thailand to participate together."

– Mr. Tawee Srisukon
Chairman Thai Oil Palm and Palm Oil Association

As a speaker for the conference, I have been enjoyed it and happy to interact with other international speakers as well as the Palm Oil Industry stakeholders of Thailand. This has benefited me to know better about the oil palm industry in the region.

– Mr.Michael Sew
Deputy Secretary-General, Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation (MBIC)

Oil palm is one of the oil crops that has high oil yield and low cost of producing oil. Oil palm is very useful, for food, for industrial products and for energy. Therefore, the world demand for oil palm is flourishing. Over the last decade, Thai oil palm and palm oil industries grow continuously at 7.1 percent annually. The industries provide jobs and generate national income more than 50,000 million Baht per year.

The data from farmer registration by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, however, shows that more than 90 percent of oil palm farmers are still lack of knowledge on good farm management reflected by a high rate of production, harvest and post-harvest losses. Accordingly, the cost of palm oil production in Thailand is higher than major producers, Malaysia and Indonesia.

To solve the problem, Thai government established the National Oil Palm Committee which has a role to regulate and manage oil palm and palm oil industries as a whole. In addition, the committee issues the 20 Years Oil Palm and Palm Oil Strategy (2017-2026) as a guideline for developing the industries to be aligned with the 20 Years Agricultural Development Strategy. The main strategic goals are to enhance the competitiveness and promote sustainable national resources management which coincide with the objective of Palmex Thailand 2017.

This is a great opportunity for all honored experts and participants to exchange ideas and share experiences. We are confident that the discussions held during the conference will be beneficial to you and your organization. We wish you every success in your work and a very pleasant stay in Thailand.

– Office of Agricultural Economics (OAE), Thailand