Kanokwan Saswattecha

Kanokwan Saswattecha
Kanokwan Saswattecha,
Project Manager of Sustainable and Climate-friendly Palm Oil Production and Procurement” in Thailand GIZ Thailand
Kanokwan Saswattecha has joined The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) Thailand and worked for the project on “Sustainable and Climate-friendly Palm Oil Production and Procurement”. The project aims at promoting sustainable and low-emission oil palm cultivation in Indonesia and Thailand and raising its demand in Germany. Based in Thailand, Kanokwan closely works with palm oil stakeholders to facilitate creating partnerships along the value chain, improving working framework and building capacities at different levels to enable oil palm smallholders in achieving the RSPO certification.

Kanokwan has working experience in the Thai palm oil industry about 10 years. She received her Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and Management at the Asian Institute of Technology and PhD degree in Environmental Systems Analysis at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Her research explores possibilities to improve the environmental sustainability of the palm oil industry in Thailand. Her research is performed as part of the interdisciplinary research program titled Towards Environmentally Sustainable and Equitable Palm Oil' funded by the Interdisciplinary Research and Education Fund (INREF) of Wageningen University.

Kanokwan Saswattecha has published her work in several scientific journals as listed below.

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