APOC Previous Speakers


Asia Palm Oil Conference (APOC) speakers features of senior experts from palm oil industry.

Datuk Dr.Kalyana Sundram

Datuk Dr.Kalyana Sundram,
Chief Executive Officer of Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC)

Topic: Malaysia, The Next Frontier For Expansion Of The Palm Oil Industry. Opportunities And Challenges.
Dr.Ahmad Parveez Bin Ghulam Kadir

Dr.Ahmad Parveez Bin Ghulam Kadir,
Deputy Director General (Research & Development) of Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)

Topic: Formulating a Long Term Strategy To Ensure Viability Global Palm Oil Development and Closed Speech.
Dr.Palat Tittinutchanon

Dr.Fitri Nurfatriani,
Researcher at Research and Development Center of Social, Economic, Policy, and Climate Change - Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia

Topic: Incentive and Disincentive Policies Towards Sustainable Palm Oil Management to Reduce Deforestation and Degradation in Indonesia
Dr.James Fry

Dr.James Fry,
Managing Director of LMC International, United Kingdom.

Topic : Global Palm Oil Price Outlook
Mr.Asanee Mallamphut

Mr.Asanee Mallamphut,
Chairman of Thai Palm Oil Refineries Association / Managing Director of Morakot Industries PCL.
Mr.Boonrak Unyoung

Mr.Boonrak Unyoung,
Managing Director of Puea Krabi Palm Oil Company Limited

Topic: Krabi Palmoil "Raise a Quality of Palm Oil Plant, Ready to push Krabi to Oil Palm City in Thailand."
Mr.Derom Bangun

Mr.Derom Bangun,
Chairman of Indonesian Palm Oil Board (IPOB)

Topic: Indonesia Palm Oil Development And The Planning Programme
Mr.Krisada Chavananand

Opening and Welcome Speech
By: Mr.Krisada Chavananand,
Chairman of Palm Oil Industry Club, The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) and Managing Director of Vichitbhan Palm Oil Public Company Limited
Mr.Sanin Triyanond

Mr.Sanin Triyanond,
Director of Patum Vegetable Oil Company Limited and Chairman of Thai Biodiesel Producer Association.

Topic : Biodiesel Current Status and Future Plan – Thailand and Major Biodiesel Producers
Mr.Thaweep Pholasen

Mr.Thaweep Pholasen,
Director General of Biodiesel Development Group, Bureau of Biofuel Development, Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE), Ministry of Energy of Thailand

Topic: Nation's Biofuel Industry Faces Myriad Challenges And Future Outlook
Mr.Vinaroj Sapsongsuk

Mr.Vinaroj Sapsongsuk,
Secretary General of Office of Agricultural Economics, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC)

Topic: Palm Oil Market 2018 - Price Outlook and Trends

Panel Discussions

Palm Oil Sustainability Panel Discussion. Challenges In The Asean Palm Oil Industry.
Ms.Kanokwan Saswattecha

Moderator By Ms.Kanokwan Saswattecha,
Project Manager of Sustainable and Climate - Friendly Palm Oil Production and Procurement (SCPOPP) in Thailand of GIZ Thailand

Ms.Julia Majail

Ms.Julia Majail,
Standard Development Director
Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)
Mrs.Malinee Yuwananonta

Mrs.Malinee Yuwananonta,
Director Bureau of Agricultural Commodities Promotion and Management, Bureau of Agricultural Commodities Promotion and Management, Department of Agricultural Extension
Mr.Walratep Punturaumporn

Mr.Walratep Punturaumporn,
Advisor of Thai Palm Oil Refinery Association
Mr.Phansak Jitrat

Mr.Phansak Jitrat,
President of the Krabi Provincial Farmers Council.

Moderator By Ms.Gaya Velayutham

Mr.Asanee Mallamphut

Mr.John Clendon

Dr.Palat Tittinutchanon

Dr.Sanath Kumaran

Professional Development Sessions.

Mr.Annop Kijpilankornkul

Mr.Annop Kijpilankornkul,
Automation System & Products Manager of Siemens Limited

Topic : Industry 4.0 in the Palm Oil industry, What changes can the industry expect?
Mr.Olivier Zehnacker

Mr.Olivier Zehnacker,
Senior Application Technology Manager SEPURAN® Evonik Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Topic : Evonik Sepuran® Membranes for Biogas Upgrading from Palm Oil Mill Effluents – field experiences from more than 150 references leading to CO2 reductions in energy applications
Mr.Deric Tay

Mr.Deric Tay Asia Sales and Channel Manager
of Trimble Navigation Singapore Pte Ltd

Topic : Expanding Geospatial Technology Use in Management of Plantations:
Driving Yield and Sustainability Together
Mr.Pasawat Tipyotha

Mr.Pasawat Tipyotha,
Geospatial Solutions Specialist of Trimble Navigation Limited.

Topic : Expanding Geospatial Technology Use in Management of Plantations:
Driving Yield and Sustainability Together